Two  2014  % does available, one by GANGSTER one by BUCK  DYNASTY  OR 817-901-0751

check out bottom of page some amazing youth showing there goatS


****************************XTRA BARBIE DOLL*********************
Great start to 2015 for Barbie & Sariah, Barbie is a daughter of XTRA LOAD out of FLO DOLL.........and is currently bred to MAXIMUS,
Owned by Sariah Ellestad 

            FLO DOLL                  BABY DOLL
             (brandy)                     (kaitlynn)
Bred to Tsunami                      Bred to PowerBall
for 2015 kids                           for 2015 kids

                                SPOTTED EAGLE
multiple Champion doe over several years, including IBGA Nationals
daughter of the gorgeous Platinum, same as X-Chrome. This little doe
is one of the Best  Dappled does ever seen in the show ring, and
shown beautifully by Buffy.


                                                      CALL ME   BABY DOLL
The 2011  Baby Doll is the first kid of FLO DOLL,  sired by Call the Cops, shown by Kaitlynn they have been Champion Numerous times.
BABY DOLL'S first  kids 2014  both Champions first time out Sept,
watch out they are good daughters of TSUNAMI.


                    WINDING OAKS FLO DOLL
First daughter of HUMMER, single teated Flo Doll has won TX Majors/State Fairs/Nationals & numerious weekend circuits. Kidded triplets 2012 by Xtra Load, and went right back winning again, there is not to many shows FLO-D has not won & she is the backbone of the NEW very successful  % program at Circle R 
we know how to produce winning % does

    ********************CALL me DANGEROUS***************
Multi Champion % doe sired by Armed & Dangerous out of a Call the Cops daughter. bred for 2015 to HUMMER. her last show will be FTW 2015.  

        *****************************A1 Pappys Pride***************
2014 by the great A1 out of the Call the Cops doe who is also
the mother of the Call me Dangerous doe. WATCH OUT FTW 2015
ALL these A1 does have his forearm & Butt, A1 did a good Job.
  4th IN Tuff class at Ft Worth & just getting started.


      *******************XTRA CHROME*****************


XTRA CHROME is superior daughter of XTRA LOAD, she has been first everywhere shown, has a yearling daughter PLATINUM FIRE  already a champion..... and the beautiiful  baby Silver Bells with the spotted head. CHROME will be showing again 2015.
Below some % Does sold 2013 & 2014 winning all over 5 state area, with some amazing Junior showmen











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