A POWER PRODUCING DOE IS A LUXURY that is produced not bought, when you get a does built, then you can produce the STUD BUCKS, that will produce single teated good mothering does like there mothers & sisters .
Below A   selection of Great pedigree does, most have been successful in the showring & then produced good show quality offspring all structurally correct & conform to South African Breed Standards


sire:  A1 ENNOBLED
dam:  daughter of KICKIN BRASS

MS JELLY ROLL  (2020) multiple champion>>>>>>>>>(sold gone to New England)
(aka: Blondie)
sire: One Square Max 
dam: 2Gunz Jelly Bean

BLUE RIBBON EDITION  ....................sold

dam: Maul Blu by Reloaded Ammo. many times Champion including
San Angelo.

SUGAR BOOM BOOM (2020) multiple champion................(sold still in TX)
sibling too Blondie, what a great pair of MAX daughters

PRIMO'S DOUBLE IMPACT .................sold
(aka: Star)

sire: MOOSE (by primo)
dam: MAXAMILLION (by Maximus) 



sire: Maximus by Primo
dam: A1 JuneBug by A1

2Gunz JELLY BEAN mother of the 2 blonde does  

sire: 2Gunz by Primo.
dam: CH: BRIGHT EYES by A2 Ruger on Fire.


sells in the Dispersal, grandmother of 2 Nat champions...........SOLD

dam  daughter of A2-RUGER ON FIRE (brother to A1)
mother of X-FACTOR (C bucks) & sister too
Max on Fire.

            Lugers First Edition

Another Great Grand Edition daughter out of a  CH Luger daughter
her sister is Ennobled, LULU has raised 4 great kids,
and  finally came back home 2020.

ALL THAT JAZZ  #108202476  (sold staying in TX)

sire: Nat CH War Games ennobled
dam: Call me Fancy 200+ % show point doe by DINERO
2nd dam: Call me Dangerous 300+ points & doe of excellence.
2021   produced 
ALL THAT FANCY & ALL THAT MAX sired by One Square Max.

BLAZE OF GLORY................................SOLD gone to La)
2nd  2020 WTX FAIR&OBGA.

sire: nat CH WarGames
dam: Sadie  Geturgun by Special Reload

(112 show points)

sire: Special Reload  (100+points)
dam: Hummers Heart Attack ennobled 

DUCHESS OF WAR>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>sold gone to La

 sire: Nat Ch WarGames
dam: direct daughter of Circle R Rustler (ref buck page)


HUMMERS PRIDE N JOY #10703845  SOLD still in TX
sire:  X46 HUMMER ennobled
dam: Nash Busted #113 by Racers Dame

KOOL MAGA>>>>>>>>>>SOLD still in TX

GORGEOUS EDITION >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SOLD still in TX

sire: Grand Edition ennobled
dam: Gato Gorgeous by Gato Malo

PRIMO'S SHINING COLORS  FULL BLOOD ennobled>>SOLD gone to New England

sire: Primo Profit Maker E (see ref buck page)
dam: Xtra Shiny ennobled
dams sire: Xtra Load. (see ref buck page) 


 <<<<<<<<STONE  COLD  SERIOUS>>>>>>>>>>SOLD gone to Indiana
2018/2019  show string doe...10Xchampion

sire: A1 STONE SOBER by A1
dam: own daughter of A2  "Ruger on Fire" champion brother to A1 ennobled
 Kidded an outstanding buck kid **Last Sober Kowboy*
SERIOUS is sister to ORGANIZED CRIME (bucks)